1. Land Rover Amateurs Rally, named LR ONLY (for the regulation shortened to: Rally), is a recreational and tourist event. Its aim is to gather users and amateurs of all types of LAND ROVER vehicles, integrating the community of “landroverers”, exchanging experiences and presenting techniques of safe off-road driving and various ways of navigating.
2. Rally is organized by Moli Serwis Paweł Moliński company, located in Przeźmierowo, Krańcowa street 67, represented by Paweł Moliński.
3. Organizers reserve the right to interpret these regulations and are the only authorities licensed to decide all disputes resulting from following these regulations, and to make all decisions regarding the event.
4. Organizer’s obligations include:

preparing all necessary documents allowing the organizations and preparation of the Rally
providing access to tent camp, sanitary facilities and showers
providing service for Participants
preparing all materials necessary for proper realization of the Rally program
5. Rally will be located at Kemping InterNos Błędno 1 / Lubieszewo 78-520 Złocieniec.
6. Rally duration July 12-14 2024.
7. Organizers reserve the right to change the Rally program.
8. Organizers reserve the right to cancel the Rally without revealing the reasons.


1. Condition of participation is filling the form available on the website, accepting the regulations, signing the Participant’s statement and paying the participation fees.
2. Due to limited number of places, participation will be decided on the date of registration confirmed by the payment of registration fee.
3. In the case of spare places availability, actions listed above may be fulfilled in the Rally office until July 13th 2024 in Rally Base.
4. Organizers reserve the right to refuse accepting an application, informing the applicant about such decision.
5. Each vehicle taking part in the Rally must carry license plates, registration certificate with a confirmation of valid vehicle inspection, and mandatory Liability Insurance.
6. Each vehicle participating in the Rally must be marked with an official Rally sticker, provided by the Organizer in the Rally Office. Unmarked vehicles do not have right to stay within the rally base and to move within Drawsko Military Training Ground.
7. Participants are allowed to place any kind of advertisements and signs on their vehicles, as long as they do not advertise companies and subjects running activities competitive with those of organizers and sponsors of the Rally. Organizers reserve the right to interpret the term competitive activities.
8. Each Participant participates in the Rally on their own responsibility, which they confirm with a proper statement, which is an integral part of the application.
9. All Participants are obliged to take care of the natural environment, provide help for victims of possible accidents, have their seat belts fastened while driving, follow orders of the Organizers and follow the fire safety regulations.
10. Each Participant takes full legal and civic responsibility for all damages caused by him/her or their vehicle. By approving these regulations with their own signature, Participant waive their rights to press charges or claim subrogation against organizers, sponsors, other participants, authorities, owners and managers of the terrains, as well as any other individuals connected with Rally preparation, except for the case when the accidents is intentional, or results from a gross negligence. Present agreement comes into effect with signing the statement of knowing and accepting these regulations.

1. Participation fee (registration fee) amounts for car + 2 people

The entry fees valid till 30.04.2024 – 500 zł
The entry fees valid from 01.05.2024 – 24.05.2024 – 550 zł
The entry fees valid from 25.05.2024 – 20.06.2024 – 600 zł
The entry fees valid from 21.06.2024 – 650 zł

2. Cost of participation of every next adult person in the team amounts to 100 zł/person

3. Attention!
Very important information for foreign participants of LR ONLY 2024
Because of very restrictive conditions from the army every foreigner must send us registration form not later than 10th of June!

4. Participation fee includes:

permission to enter the rally base and camping within its borders
permission to participate in every attraction prepared by the organizers for participants
permission to use appointed routes within Drawsko Military Training Ground during the rally and according to its program
Identification badges for vehicles, rally t-shirts and other gadgets prepared for participants

5. Participation application and paying registration fee is equal with accepting present regulations.


1. Organizers reserve the right to make changes in the regulations, before and during the Rally.
2. Any possible changes will be displayed at the website before the rally, or on the Bulletin Board in the Rally Office during the rally.